SAFETY SHEET Aqua Balance 3.pdf

SAFETY SHEET - Aqua Balance 3

Aqua-Balance 3 raises Calcium Hardness levels in swimming pool water. Low Calcium Hardness levels in swimming pool water can cause the water to be corrosive. This can result in deterioration and damage to the pool surfaces and equipment. Plaster surfaces could suffer etching and formation of rough areas that permit easy algae growth. Recommended levels of Calcium Hardness in swimming pools are as follows:

Plaster, concrete & tiled pools ~ 200 - 275ppm

Fibreglass, vinyl & painted pools ~ 175 - 225ppm

Dosage and Directions for use:

140g of Aqua-Balance 3 per 10 000L of pool water will raise the Calcium Hardness levels by 10ppm.

The required amount must be split into three equal dosages and each dosage should be applied six hours or more after the previous application. Broadcast the product evenly over the surface of the pool water avoiding the area directly in front of the weir/skimmer. Ensure that the pump is in operation and that the pool is free of swimmers. Note: Do not pre-dissolve this product before applying.