SAFETY SHEET Chlor Guard.pdf

SAFETY SHEET - Chlor Guard

Chlor-Guard raises stabiliser levels in swimming pool water. Chlor-Guard prevents the chlorine in the pool water from being dissipated by the UV rays of the sun. The chlorine added to the pool will remain longer in the water, thereby providing greater protection against bacteria and algae.

Dosage and Directions for use:

100g per 10 000L of pool water will raise the stabilizer level by 10ppm.

Backwash and rinse the filter. Mix Chlor-Guard in a clean, plastic bucket of water and pour the slurry directly into the pool skimmer/weir with pump in operation. Run filter for 10-12 hours after application. Do not backwash the filter for 3-4 days as product dissolves very slowly, and may be lost during this process