Aqua Dazzle coagulates fine suspended organic and inorganic particles into bigger particle "clumps" which can then be trapped in the filter and backwashed out. This concentrated product is also an emulsion breaker i.e. it breaks down oils found in suntan lotions, make-up etc.
In the elimination of organic matter (a large chlorine consumer), Aqua Dazzle improves sanitiser efficiency, resulting in a sparklingly clear blue pool.

Dosage and Directions for use:
Maintenance Dosage ~ Weekly after backwash ~ 50ml per 10 000L of pool water.
Cloudy Water ~ add 100ml per 10 000L of pool water into the weir while the pump is operating.

Aqua Dazzle can also be poured directly into the deep end of the pool.

Allow the filter to operate for 12 hrs.
Very Cloudy Water Conditions ~ use 200ml per 10 000L of pool water.
Do not exceed the dosage rates.